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Currently 1871 confirmed stations.
378 price updates in the last month.
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Price updated on 23/02/2175 Murco Paddock SS (A342/Andover Rd, Ludgershall, Andover, Hampshire,SP11 9pe) now 55.9p/l by NickTsoulli (ID: 2197) | Price updated on 27/02/2021 Shell Addlestone (Chertsey Rd, Addlestone, Surrey ,KT15 2ED) now -1.0p/l by (ID: 115) | Price updated on 27/02/2021 Sainsburys Cobham (Portsmouth Rd, Cobham, Surrey,KT11 1HW) now -1.0p/l by (ID: 1267) | Price updated on 27/02/2021 Dudley Gas Company (53 Stafford St, Dudley,DY1 2AA) now 53.0p/l by mingswift (ID: 2774) | Price updated on 27/02/2021 Autogas - Midland Auto Fuel Ltd (15 Steward St Birmingham,B18 7AE) now 53.0p/l by mingswift (ID: 2684) | Price updated on 27/02/2021 Gulf Savile Road (Savile Road, Castleford,WF10 1PD) now 65.0p/l by Peter (ID: 2293) | Price updated on 27/02/2021 Shell Riverside (Lock Ln, Castleford, W Yorks,WF10 2JU) now 69.0p/l by Peter (ID: 1422) | Price updated on 27/02/2021 BP Darnall (Greenland Road,S9 5HZ) now 56.9p/l by elnevio (ID: 3770) | Price updated on 27/02/2021 Morrisons Doncaster First Point (Woodfield Way, Doncaster,DN4 8SJ) now 55.0p/l by Miro69 (ID: 3784) | Price updated on 27/02/2021 Coop Polgate Services (A22/A27 Hailsham rd. Polgate,BN26 6QL) now -1.0p/l by Richard (ID: 2172) | Price updated on 27/02/2021 BP MFG Golden Cross Spar (London Road, Golden Cross, Hailsham, East Sussex,Southbound,BN27 4AW) now 69.9p/l by Richard (ID: 1403) | Price updated on 27/02/2021 Coop Polgate Services (A22/A27 Hailsham rd. Polgate,BN26 6QL) now -1.0p/l by Richard (ID: 2172) | Price updated on 27/02/2021 Morissons Hartlepool (Belle Vue Way, Hartlepool,TS25 1JZ) now 53.7p/l by Paul K (ID: 166) | Price updated on 26/02/2021 BP MFG Victoria Road Connect (Victoria Road, South Ruislip, Middlesex,HA4 0SA) now 69.9p/l by (ID: 2219) | Price updated on 26/02/2021 BP MFG Victoria Road Connect (Victoria Road, South Ruislip, Middlesex,HA4 0SA) now -1.0p/l by (ID: 2219) | Price updated on 26/02/2021 Rugby Autobodies (Butlers Leap,Southbound,CV21 3RQ) now -1.0p/l by dcptransportltd (ID: 2035) | Price updated on 26/02/2021 Morrisons Binley (Skipworth Rd, Binley, Coventry, W Mids,CV3 2XA) now 55.7p/l by dcptransportltd (ID: 701) | Price updated on 26/02/2021 ASDA High Wycombe (Holmers Farm Way, Crest Rd, Booker, High Wycombe, Bucks,HP12 4NU) now -1.0p/l by davidABRA (ID: 752) | Price updated on 26/02/2021 Rontec Esso Leatherhead (A24/Givons Grove, Leatherhead, Surrey,KT22 8LY) now 68.9p/l by Rick Appleyard (ID: 868) | Price updated on 26/02/2021 Morrisons Wisbech (Elm High Rd, Wisbech,PE14 0DG) now 57.9p/l by Robin Hunter (ID: 1514) |
Price updated09/01/2021Esso - Glinton Service Station (Lincoln Road, Glinton,PE6 7JR)68.9p/lby Robin Hunter(ID: 2159)
Price updated09/01/2021BP Roadchef Strensham M5 Northbo (M5 Strensham Worcester,Northbound,WR8 0BZ)64.9p/lby Robin Hunter(ID: 3524)
Price updated09/01/2021BP MRH Bromsgrove (Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove,B61 0DF)69.9p/lby Robin Hunter(ID: 2061)
Price updated09/01/2021Jet Bellingers S/S (A338/Station Rd, Grove, Wantage, Oxon,OX12 0DH)68.9p/lby Tezza(ID: 821)
Price updated09/01/2021Asda Hartlepool (Marina Way, Hartlepool,TS24 0XR)52.7p/lby Paul K(ID: 167)
Price updated09/01/2021Morissons Hartlepool (Belle Vue Way, Hartlepool,TS25 1JZ)53.7p/lby Paul K(ID: 166)
Price updated09/01/2021Autogas - Midland Auto Fuel Ltd (15 Steward St Birmingham,B18 7AE)47.0p/lby ebitel(ID: 2684)
Price updated09/01/2021Flogas Britain Ltd. (3 Ravensbridge Drive, Leicester,LE4 0BX)58.0p/lby graraps(ID: 175)
Price updated09/01/2021Texaco Whetstone (16 Cambridge Rd, Whetstone, Leics,LE8 6LG)65.9p/lby graraps(ID: 954)
Price updated09/01/2021Sainsburys Watford (Dome Roundabout North Western Avenue, Garston, Watford, Hert,WD25 9JS)55.9p/lby graraps(ID: 1768)
LPG unavailable09/01/2021BP MFG Linford Wood (Saxon St, Milton Keynes,MK14 6PB) by Invisiblevan (ID: 2527)
Price updated09/01/2021Sainsburys Cobham (Portsmouth Rd, Cobham, Surrey,KT11 1HW)56.9p/lby Paullie74(ID: 1267)
Price updated09/01/2021ESSO (Stoneferry Road, Hull,Northbound,HU7 0EG)69.9p/lby markmoody(ID: 1964)
Price updated09/01/2021Gulf Savile Road (Savile Road, Castleford,WF10 1PD)57.0p/lby Peter(ID: 2293)
Price updated09/01/2021Morrisons Teignmouth (Newfoundland Rd, Teignmouth, Devon,TQ14 9WP)55.9p/lby bongowoz(ID: 1808)
Price updated09/01/2021BP Glasshoughton Service Station (Park Rd, CASTLEFORD,WF10 4RS)62.0p/lby Peter(ID: 1484)
Price updated09/01/2021Dudley Gas Company (53 Stafford St, Dudley,DY1 2AA)50.0p/lby mingswift(ID: 2774)
Price updated09/01/2021BP MRH Hatton Cross Connect (Great South West Road FELTHAM,Westbound,TW14 0PR)69.0p/lby marcoom(ID: 1552)
Price updated08/01/2021BP G H Lunn + Sons (Lower Weare, (A38) Nr Axbridge,BS26 2JE)62.9p/lby carpenter1(ID: 1005)
Price updated08/01/2021Shell Fleet (Cove road, Nr Fleet,GU51 2SH)64.9p/lby 1767)
Price updated08/01/2021Birmingham Autogas (Cuckoo Rd, Nechells, Birmingham,B7 5SY)48.0p/lby Brian(ID: 1928)
Price updated08/01/2021Harvest Energy Nuns Bridge FS (Bury Road, Thetford, Norfolk,IP24 3ED)68.9p/lby joe(ID: 1505)
LPG unavailable08/01/2021Esso Ringwood (Rontec) (The Bridges, Ringwood,Westbound,BH24 2AA) by joe deabill(ID: 116)
Price updated08/01/2021BP MRH Howe Green F/S (A10/Baldock Ln, Buntingford, Herts,SG9 9EW)69.9p/lby artbruk1(ID: 1215)
Price updated08/01/2021Morrisons Wick (Hawthorn Road, Wick, Littlehampton,BN17 7LA)57.9p/lby Harvey(ID: 1913)
Price updated08/01/2021Shell MFG Wittering (A1 Great North Rd, Peterborough,Northbound,PE6 8HA)67.0p/lby Ben Bishop(ID: 90)
Price updated08/01/2021Shell Trago Mills (Stover,Newton Abbot,TQ12 6JD)63.9p/lby toby(ID: 2011)
Price updated08/01/2021Sainsburys London Colney (Barnet Road, London Colney, St Albans, Herts,AL2 1AB)54.9p/lby Glenn(ID: 189)
Price updated08/01/2021Texaco Rossendale Road Serv Stn (Rossendale Rd Service Station Burnley, Lancs,BB11 5DB)59.9p/lby Glenn(ID: 1956)
Station removed07/01/2021Texaco/Coop Holmer Rd (Holmer Rd, Hereford,HR4 9RX) by Brian(ID: 157)
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