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Price updated on 23/02/2175 Murco Paddock SS (A342/Andover Rd, Ludgershall, Andover, Hampshire,SP11 9pe) now 55.9p/l by NickTsoulli (ID: 2197) | Price updated on 21/02/2020 Morrisons Paisley (Anchor Mills, Paisley,PA1 1GZ) now 53.7p/l by fionamfinch (ID: 1245) | New station added on 21/02/2020 TOTAL (22 Rue Albert de Mun, 56300 Pontivy, France) at 78.9p/l by brian (ID: 3617) | Price updated on 21/02/2020 Morrisons Cardiff Bay (Cardiff Bay,CF11 0JP) now 53.7p/l by gazwaldo (ID: 1787) | Price updated on 21/02/2020 Shell Salford Quays (Trafford Rd, Salford, Manchester,M5 2XB) now 59.9p/l by chris486 (ID: 2199) | Price updated on 21/02/2020 Morrisons Eccles (7 Irwell Place, Eccles,M30 0FH) now 57.7p/l by chris486 (ID: 712) | Price updated on 21/02/2020 ASDA Govan (Craigton Rd, Govan, Glasgow, Lanarkshire,G51 3HR) now 52.7p/l by Imscots (ID: 743) | Price updated on 21/02/2020 Sainsburys Beckton (A1020 - Claps Gate Lane, Beckton, London,E6 6JF) now -1.0p/l by Richard (ID: 2134) | Price updated on 21/02/2020 Shell Buckden (Buckden Rndabt A1,Great North Rd, Huntingdon,PE19 5XF) now 68.9p/l by Brian (ID: 962) | Price updated on 21/02/2020 Applegreen Wyboston (A1 S/b, Wyboston Bedford,Southbound,MK44 3AA) now 70.9p/l by Brian (ID: 89) | Price updated on 21/02/2020 Shell Budgens Broughton (H6 Childs Way, Broughton, Milton Keynes,MK10 9AB) now 64.9p/l by Brian (ID: 2766) | Price updated on 21/02/2020 Shell Carland Cross (A30 NEWQUAY,TR8 5AY) now 63.9p/l by scorpio71168 (ID: 234) | Price updated on 20/02/2020 Asda Pontprennau (8 Dering Rd, Pontprennau, Cardiff,CF23 8NL) now 52.7p/l by hairydog (ID: 214) | Price updated on 20/02/2020 BP Moto Chieveley (M4 J13/A34 M4 J13, Hermitage, Thatcham, Berks,RG18 9XX) now 63.9p/l by Brian (ID: 2105) | Price updated on 20/02/2020 Shell Tothill Services (A34 Newbury Bypass, Newbury, Berks,RG20 9BX) now 67.9p/l by Brian (ID: 886) | Price updated on 20/02/2020 Shell Darbys Corner (13 Waterloo Rd, Poole,Southbound,BH17 7JX) now 59.9p/l by Nick Elvy (ID: 1623) | Price updated on 20/02/2020 Q8 and Shell (D948 to Poperinge) now 50.2p/l by jon roberts (ID: 2476) | Price updated on 20/02/2020 Shell Manor (Manor Way, Halesowen,Westbound,B62 8RJ) now 64.9p/l by EZ (ID: 1738) | Price updated on 20/02/2020 Texaco Smithies (Huddersfield Rd, Birstall, Batley, W Yorks,WF17 9AY) now 58.9p/l by Peter P (ID: 30) | Price updated on 20/02/2020 Ullswater Garage (Behind Filling Station - Ullswater Road, Penrith,CA11 7EH) now 69.0p/l by bernyss (ID: 846) |

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