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Currently 1847 confirmed stations.
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Price updated on 23/02/2175 Murco Paddock SS (A342/Andover Rd, Ludgershall, Andover, Hampshire,SP11 9pe) now 55.9p/l by NickTsoulli (ID: 2197) | Price updated on 24/05/2019 Dudley Gas Company (53 Stafford St, Dudley,DY1 2AA) now 52.0p/l by lpgcarl (ID: 2775) | Price updated on 24/05/2019 Morrisons Crewe (Dunwoody Way, Crewe,CW1 3AW) now 55.9p/l by Revo (ID: 707) | Price updated on 24/05/2019 Shell Ford Service Station (Welshpool Rd, Ford, Shrewsbury, Shropshire,SY5 9LE) now 76.9p/l by Ron Kyte (ID: 112) | Price updated on 24/05/2019 Shell Musselburgh (1 Editburgh rd, Musselburgh,EH21 6DN) now 64.9p/l by loopylurcher (ID: 1587) | Price updated on 24/05/2019 Maxol/Spar Vivo Mountsandel (14/16 Knocklynn Rd, Coleraine NI,BT52 1LA) now 64.9p/l by EAGLES (ID: 1883) | Price updated on 24/05/2019 Morrisons St Helens (Baxters Lane, St Helens,WA9 3DH) now -1.0p/l by Michael Ord (ID: 737) | Price updated on 24/05/2019 Shell Ilminster (A358/A303 Horton Cross, Ilminster,TA19 9PT) now 66.9p/l by Chris Bown (ID: 1776) | Price updated on 24/05/2019 Hilton Autogas (Cannock Road, Wolverhampton,WV10 7AD) now 60.0p/l by Leandros Komninos (ID: 2173) | New station added on 24/05/2019 Station service LECLERC (1 Chemin du Dépot, 55100 Verdun, France) at 77.5p/l by tinatravelqueen (ID: 3423) | Price updated on 24/05/2019 Shell Cribbs Causeway (Cribbs Causeway, Bristol,BS10 7TG) now -1.0p/l by MrZ (ID: 527) | Price updated on 24/05/2019 Shell Kennford (A38, Kennford, Exeter, Devon,Southbound,EX6 7UD) now -1.0p/l by Rob Banham (ID: 2147) | Price updated on 24/05/2019 Shell Bradford SS (Leeds Road, Bradford,BD3 9SB ) now 58.9p/l by Bojanidis (ID: 1152) | Price updated on 23/05/2019 Morrisons Blackpool (Squires Gate Lane Blackpool,FY4 2AY) now 57.7p/l by Jimbo Foster (ID: 129) | Price updated on 23/05/2019 Didcot Calor (Richs Siding, Lower Broadway, Didcot ,OX11 8AG) now 64.9p/l by Jimbo Foster (ID: 1301) | Price updated on 23/05/2019 Shell Thrapston (A14, J13, Thrapston, Kettering, Northamptonshire,NN14 4UA) now 68.9p/l by Impala (ID: 39) | Price updated on 23/05/2019 Morrisons Enfield (Southbury Rd, Enfield, Middlesex,EN1 1TW) now 59.9p/l by (ID: 190) | Price updated on 23/05/2019 Morrisons Chingford (6-7 Salisbury Hall Gardens, Chingford Rd, Chingford,E4 8SA) now -1.0p/l by (ID: 191) | Price updated on 23/05/2019 Morrisons Wellingborough (2-5 Oxford St, Wellingborough,NN8 4LL) now 55.9p/l by John Whelan (ID: 54) | Price updated on 23/05/2019 Shell Hilton Park (Bury New Road,M25 9WP) now -1.0p/l by peter reiss (ID: 1506) |
Price updated14/03/2019Sainsburys London Colney (Barnet Road, London Colney, St Albans, Herts,AL2 1AB)54.9p/lby Gordan Bobic(ID: 189)
Price updated14/03/2019Shell Swansea Bay (Fabian Way (Eastbound),Eastbound,SA10 6JW)65.9p/lby puddlec(ID: 1493)
LPG unavailable14/03/2019Countrywide Ledbury (Dymock Rd, Ledbury,HR8 2JQ) by Johnny Chan(ID: 1184)
Price updated14/03/2019Esso Ross Spur Service Area(S) (Southbound Overcross Ross-on-Wye,HR9 7QJ )62.9p/lby Johnny Chan(ID: 1615)
Price updated14/03/2019Texaco Church Hall Garage (Dill Hall Lane, Accrington, Lancashire,BB5 4DL)62.0p/lby joten(ID: 1660)
Price updated14/03/2019Shell Wellington (Wellington rd. Aberdeen,Southbound,AB12 3JX)65.9p/lby Andrew Scott(ID: 1977)
Price updated13/03/2019Sainsburys London Colney (Barnet Road, London Colney, St Albans, Herts,AL2 1AB)54.9p/lby JJ Maclure(ID: 189)
Price updated13/03/2019Gasolinera Abades (06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain)66.2p/lby colpick53(ID: 3017)
Price updated13/03/2019Applegreen Kates Kabin (A1 Great North Rd, Peterborough,Northbound,PE7 3UD)70.9p/lby brianb46(ID: 2223)
New station13/03/2019Total (3091 Rue Marcel Belot, 45160 Olivet, France)90.5p/lby Siggie(ID: 3386)
New station13/03/2019Shell (A20 Sens Chateauroux Orleans, 36330 Velles, France,Northbound)99.0p/lby Siggie(ID: 3385)
Price updated13/03/2019Total Relais des Mille Étangs (Aire des milles étangs, A20, 36350 Luant, France,Southbound)96.9p/lby Siggie(ID: 3322)
Price updated13/03/2019Shell (A20 Aire de, Boismande, 87160 Saint-Sulpice-les-Feuilles, Fr)99.0p/lby Siggie(ID: 3323)
Price updated13/03/2019BP MFG Linford Wood (Saxon St, Milton Keynes,MK14 6PB)59.9p/lby Brian(ID: 2527)
Price updated13/03/2019Morrisons Wellingborough (2-5 Oxford St, Wellingborough,NN8 4LL)55.9p/lby John Whelan(ID: 54)
Price updated13/03/2019Shell Budgens Broughton (H6 Childs Way, Broughton, Milton Keynes,MK10 9AB)64.9p/lby Brian(ID: 2766)
Price updated13/03/2019Repsol (A-7, Roquetas de Mar)64.9p/lby grobag(ID: 2559)
Price updated13/03/2019cepsa (Av. de Carlos III, 141, 04720 Roquetas de Mar, Almería, Spa,04720)64.9p/lby grobag(ID: 2964)
Price updated13/03/2019Shell Cross Keys (Kidderminster Rd, West Hagley,DY9 0JL)68.9p/lby cilla(ID: 528)
Price updated13/03/2019Sainsburys Taunton (Hankridge Way Taunton,TA1 2LR)57.9p/lby g6ajv(ID: 1284)
Price updated13/03/2019Morrisons Rhyl (Marsh Road, Rhyl,LL18 2DF)55.9p/lby steven patient(ID: 733)
Price updated13/03/2019Morrisons Leigh (Leigh Sports Village, Leigh, Lancs,WN7 4JY)57.7p/lby antimony(ID: 1258)
Price updated13/03/2019Mercury Service Station (Manchester Road, Westhoughton,BL5 3)65.9p/lby antimony(ID: 896)
Price updated13/03/2019Shell Beaumont Road (Wigan Rd, Bolton,BL3 4RB)65.9p/lby antimony(ID: 1219)
Price updated13/03/2019Morrisons Kirkstall (1 Savins Mill Way, Kirkstall, Leeds,LS5 3RP)57.9p/lby Phil(ID: 725)
Price updated13/03/2019BP Riverside Service Station (433 Kirkstall Rd, Leeds, W Yorks,LS4 2QD)54.9p/lby Phil(ID: 1924)
Price updated13/03/2019Shell Savoy (262 York Road, Wandsworth, London,SW18 1TP)64.9p/lby grenvil(ID: 630)
Price updated13/03/2019Shell Ottershaw (Guildford Rd, Ottershaw, Chertsey, Surrey,KT16 0PG)64.9p/lby Krasimir Panchev(ID: 788)
Price updated12/03/2019Texaco MRH Telegraph Hill (Telegraph Hill, Kennford,EX6 7XX)59.9p/lby kwilli222 (ID: 1171)
Price updated12/03/2019Texaco MRH Telegraph Hill (Telegraph Hill, Kennford,EX6 7XX)59.8p/lby kwilli222 (ID: 1171)
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