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Price updated on 23/02/2175 Murco Paddock SS (A342/Andover Rd, Ludgershall, Andover, Hampshire,SP11 9pe) now 55.9p/l by NickTsoulli (ID: 2197) | Price updated on 24/01/2021 BP (A164 Beverley Road [southbound], Willerby ,Southbound,HU10 6AW) now 89.9p/l by bob gauntlett (ID: 3335) | Price updated on 24/01/2021 BP Uttoxeter (A50/A518, Uttoxeter,ST14 5AA) now 67.9p/l by cnimike (ID: 1260) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 Midland LPG (Brandon way West Bromwich) now 50.0p/l by saitir (ID: 3803) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 Sainsburys Watford (Dome Roundabout North Western Avenue, Garston, Watford, Hert,WD25 9JS) now 55.9p/l by Simon (ID: 1768) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 BP Nowell Service Station (Harehills lane, Leeds,LS9 6JF) now 56.0p/l by Peter (ID: 1349) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 Jet Apollo (169-171 Hunslet Rd, Leeds, W Yorks,Eastbound,LS10 1JU) now 69.0p/l by Peter (ID: 976) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 Asda Hartlepool (Marina Way, Hartlepool,TS24 0XR) now 52.7p/l by Paul K (ID: 167) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 Morissons Hartlepool (Belle Vue Way, Hartlepool,TS25 1JZ) now 53.7p/l by Paul K (ID: 166) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 Watling Street Grange (Grange Lane (off A5 Watling Street),TF2 9PB) now 60.0p/l by tony (ID: 1994) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 Esso Herds Garage (404 Staines Road West, Ashford Common, Ashford, Middlesex,Westbound,TW15 1RZ) now 69.9p/l by clivescoggins (ID: 1816) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 Esso Herds Garage (404 Staines Road West, Ashford Common, Ashford, Middlesex,Westbound,TW15 1RZ) now 64.9p/l by clivescoggins (ID: 1816) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 BP Hele Cross Serv Stn (Hele Cross, Hele Rd, Torquay,TQ2 7QG) now 73.9p/l by pmco (ID: 1170) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 AB Garage (Unit 167b, Hawarden Industrial park, Manor Lane, Hawarden,CH5 3qx) now 66.0p/l by rockerbox (ID: 1177) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 Topaz Airport Rd Serv Stn (11 Tully Rd, Nutts Corner, Crumlin, Co. Antrim NI,BT29 4SW) now 64.9p/l by Richards0004 (ID: 1879) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 Morrisons Petrol Station St Ives (Parsons Green, St Ives, Saint Ives,PE27 4NB) now -1.0p/l by metro1000 (ID: 3010) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 Flogas Peterborough 01733 554978 (Newark Road,PE1 5YD) now 58.0p/l by metro1000 (ID: 31) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 Morrisons Pinchbeck (Wardentree Lane, Pinchbeck, Spalding,PE11 3UG) now 59.9p/l by metro1000 (ID: 731) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 Texaco Kilmington Cross (Gammons Hill, A35, Kilmington,EX13 7RA) now -1.0p/l by Peter Ramsden (ID: 1694) | Price updated on 23/01/2021 BP Windmill Garage (A35 Offwell, Honiton,EX14 9RP) now 62.9p/l by Peter Ramsden (ID: 1498) |
Price updated11/01/2021Gulf Mpk St Peters Road Service (Saint Peters Road, Leicester,LE2 1DA)69.9p/lby Robin Hunter(ID: 863)
Price updated11/01/2021Morrisons Wisbech (Elm High Rd, Wisbech,PE14 0DG)57.9p/lby Robin Hunter(ID: 1514)
Price updated11/01/2021BP Riverside Service Station (433 Kirkstall Rd, Leeds, W Yorks,LS4 2QD)56.0p/lby neilwarren(ID: 1924)
Price updated11/01/2021Morrisons Kirkstall (1 Savins Mill Way, Kirkstall, Leeds,LS5 3RP)57.7p/lby neilwarren(ID: 725)
Price updated11/01/2021BP Pudsey Road Service Station (174 Pudsey Rd, Leeds, W Yorks,LS13 4JB)52.9p/lby neilwarren(ID: 1350)
Price updated11/01/2021Asda Pudsey Owlcoates Centre (Stanningley Bypass,LS28 6AR)52.7p/lby neilwarren(ID: 153)
Price updated11/01/2021ASDA Derby (Derby Rd, Spondon, Derby, Derbyshire,DE21 7LW)52.7p/lby Brian(ID: 751)
Price updated11/01/2021Sainsburys Greenwich (Bugsbys Way, Greenwich, London,SE10 0QJ)59.9p/lby Jeepman(ID: 1254)
Price updated11/01/2021Morrisons Strood (Knight Road, Strood (Rochester) Kent,ME2 2AA)57.9p/lby Jeepman(ID: 738)
Price updated11/01/2021Morrisons Hamilton (5 New Park St, Hamilton,ML3 0BN)53.7p/lby Crason(ID: 2161)
Price updated11/01/202124hr Burn road petrol station (76 Burn rd, Cookstown, NI,BT80 8DR)64.9p/lby augharan (ID: 1387)
LPG unavailable11/01/2021BP MFG Forest Hill (A205 Stanstead Rd, Forest Hill, London,SE23 1HP) by bobdean(ID: 913)
Price updated10/01/2021Midlands Auto Fuel Ltd (Holly Hedge Lane, Walsall,WS2 8PT)47.0p/lby Revo(ID: 2901)
Price updated10/01/2021Texaco MRH Telegraph Hill (Telegraph Hill, Kennford,EX6 7XX)69.9p/lby bongowoz(ID: 1171)
Price updated10/01/2021BP MRH Wallisdown Connect (Wallisdown Road, Bournemouth,BH11 8PT)69.9p/lby rmcq1960(ID: 117)
Price updated10/01/2021Esso MRH Pace Podimore (A303/A37 Rndabt, Podimore, Nr Yeovil, Somerset,BA22 8JG)69.9p/lby bongowoz(ID: 1222)
Price updated10/01/2021Shell Addlestone (Chertsey Rd, Addlestone, Surrey ,KT15 2ED)64.9p/lby keith watson(ID: 115)
Price updated10/01/2021Morrisons Morpeth (Dark Lane, Morpeth,NE61 1ST)57.9p/lby andynic(ID: 205)
Price updated10/01/2021Morrisons Rotherham (Bawtry Rd, Bramley, Rotherham, S Yorks,S66 1YZ)57.9p/lby andynic(ID: 735)
Price updated10/01/2021BP MFG Charnwood (Ashby Rd, Loughborough,Westbound,LE11 3QU)69.9p/lby andynic(ID: 3715)
LPG unavailable10/01/2021Sainsburys Cobham (Portsmouth Rd, Cobham, Surrey,KT11 1HW) by keith watson(ID: 1267)
Price updated10/01/2021BP MRH Howe Green F/S (A10/Baldock Ln, Buntingford, Herts,SG9 9EW)73.9p/lby Marius Laciu(ID: 1215)
LPG unavailable10/01/2021Calor Gas Ltd (Alphin Brook Rd, Exeter,EX2 8RG) by creberm(ID: 3346)
Price updated10/01/2021Esso Winning Post Service Stn (Haldon Hill (A38), Kennford, Exeter, Devon,Northbound,EX6 7XS)69.9p/lby creberm(ID: 1033)
Price updated10/01/2021BP Lymm Servs Poplar 2000 (M6 and A50 Lymm - Cliff Lane, Cheshire,WA13 0SP)65.9p/lby Michael Ord(ID: 169)
Price updated10/01/2021Murco Stonehenge Filling Station (A303, Winterbourne Stoke,SP3 4SZ)69.9p/lby bongowoz(ID: 1038)
Price updated10/01/2021Murco/Nisa Bulford (26 Salisbury Rd, Bulford, Salisbury,SP4 9DQ)69.9p/lby bongowoz(ID: 1191)
Price updated09/01/2021BP Dover South Services (Limekiln Street, Dover,CT17 9EE)68.9p/lby terrifyingwoodlouse(ID: 475)
Price updated09/01/2021Morrisons Wisbech (Elm High Rd, Wisbech,PE14 0DG)57.9p/lby Robin Hunter(ID: 1514)
LPG unavailable09/01/2021Esso A47 Peterborough Svc (A47/Eye Road/Paston Parkway, Peterborough,PE1 4SA) by Robin Hunter(ID: 85)
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