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740 price updates in the last month.
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Price updated on 23/02/2175 Murco Paddock SS (A342/Andover Rd, Ludgershall, Andover, Hampshire,SP11 9pe) now 55.9p/l by NickTsoulli (ID: 2197) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 Morrisons Chingford (6-7 Salisbury Hall Gardens, Chingford Rd, Chingford,E4 8SA) now 57.9p/l by Glenn (ID: 191) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 BP Riverside Service Station (433 Kirkstall Rd, Leeds, W Yorks,LS4 2QD) now 54.9p/l by neilwarren (ID: 1924) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 Shell Leadenhall (V6 Grafton Street, Leadenhall, Milton Keynes,Southbound,MK6 5LY) now 62.9p/l by Brian (ID: 120) | New station added on 18/02/2019 TOTAL Autohof (Bäumchen 15, 06667 Reichardtswerben, Germany) at 67.9p/l by pauldvf (ID: 3360) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 Shell Victoria (Ebury St, Semley Place, London,SW1 9QJ) now 64.9p/l by ncmuk (ID: 654) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 Hilton Autogas (Cannock Road, Wolverhampton,WV10 7AD) now 57.0p/l by ITRDC2YO (ID: 2173) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 Morrisons Binley (Skipworth Rd, Binley, Coventry, W Mids,CV3 2XA) now 55.7p/l by Alphard Paul (ID: 701) | New station added on 18/02/2019 Shell (Kasseler Str. 113, 34266 Niestetal, Germany) at 49.9p/l by pauldvf (ID: 3359) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 Asda Hartlepool (Marina Way, Hartlepool,TS24 0XR) now 52.7p/l by Paul K (ID: 167) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 Morissons Hartlepool (Belle Vue Way, Hartlepool,TS25 1JZ) now 53.7p/l by Paul K (ID: 166) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 BP MRH Gailey (Watling St, Gailey, Nr Stafford,ST19 5PR) now 59.9p/l by Alan Crofts (ID: 1948) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 Shell Abington Services (Abington Motorway Services Area/M74 BIGGAR,ML12 6RG) now 68.9p/l by VWAnn (ID: 931) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 Shell Chigwell (Manor Road, Grange Hill, Chigwell, Essex,IG7 5PP) now 67.9p/l by Dave Morgan (ID: 1679) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 BP Leigh Delemare E/B (Moto) (M4 Motorway E/B, Chippenham, Wiltshire,Eastbound,SN14 6LB) now 63.9p/l by Jeepman (ID: 1012) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 Asda Pontprennau (8 Dering Rd, Pontprennau, Cardiff,CF23 8NL) now 52.9p/l by Jeepman (ID: 214) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 BP Mrh Golden Cross Spar (London Road, Golden Cross, Hailsham, East Sussex,BN27 4AW) now 59.9p/l by sharon (ID: 1403) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 Coop Polgate Services (A22/A27 Hailsham rd. Polgate,BN26 6QL) now -1.0p/l by sharon (ID: 2172) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 Shell Gloster (117 Whitehorse Road, Croydon,CR0 2LG) now 66.9p/l by Ian Cook (ID: 2741) | Price updated on 18/02/2019 Gulf Burnmoor (Chester Rd, Bummoor, Houghton-Ie-Spring, Tyne & Wear,DH4 6EY) now 69.9p/l by Barry (ID: 1532) |
This list only includes stations whos price has been updated in the last two months
10 Cheapest Stations
1Petrol Station Land Oil8201 Pomorie, Bulgaria39.6 p/l [14/02/2019]
2Петрол 11168201 Pomorie, Bulgaria41.4 p/l [14/02/2019]
3Shell Nessebar 1041E87 I-9, 8221 Burgas, Bulgaria42.7 p/l [14/02/2019]
4Stacja benzynowa AuchanUstowo 45, 71-001 Ustowo, Polska71 - 00146.0 p/l [26/12/2018]
5TexacoAutostrade E40 naar Brussel, 9031 Drongen, Belgium48.8 p/l [06/01/2019]
6TexacoAutostrade E409031 Dro48.8 p/l [06/01/2019]
7ShellKasseler Str. 113, 34266 Niestetal, Germany49.9 p/l [18/02/2019]
8ACE EnergyBlack Brook Way, GreetlandHX4 8ED50.0 p/l [09/02/2019]
9Carver GasesLittles Lane, WolverhamptonWV1 1JY50.6 p/l [26/01/2019]
10EssoAutosnelweg A2 Zuid(Leuven-Lummen), 3111 Rotselaar, Belgium51.4 p/l [20/12/2018]

10 Most Expensive Stations
1BP A20, Meunet-sur-Vatan, France3615099.9 p/l [07/01/2019]
2ShellA20 Aire de, Boismande, 87160 Saint-Sulpice-les-Feuilles, Fr99.0 p/l [07/01/2019]
3ShellA1 Highway Trakiya KM. 276-150, 8635 Hadzhidimitrovo, Bulgar99.0 p/l [23/12/2018]
4Area Porte de Corrèze19510 Masseret, France96.9 p/l [17/02/2019]
5AgipAire de Thouars, A630, 33170 Gradignan, France96.9 p/l [08/01/2019]
6Total Relais des Mille ÉtangsAire des milles étangs, A20, 36350 Luant, France96.9 p/l [07/01/2019]
7TOTALA6 Corbeil-Essonnes, France9110096.9 p/l [06/01/2019]
8TotalA10 Aire De L Estalot, 33240 Saint-André-de-Cubzac, France96.9 p/l [08/01/2019]
9TotalA1 Aire De Phalempin Ouest, 59113 Seclin, France96.9 p/l [06/01/2019]
10Lukoil8008 Northern Industrial Zone, Burgas, Bulgaria96.0 p/l [23/12/2018]
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